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Welcome to BCASports.org, where you will find over 20 informational articles about bingo, casino games and betting on sports. Our goal is to provide you with valuable information that in turn will make your gaming experience more pleasant.

Just like in all other areas, knowledge is also key in gambling. Even though You will often remain an underdog after applying our knowledge, a sound strategy suggests that you should always try to maximize your chances of earning a big payout. Learn more about different forms of gambling by reading information that we have made available on this page.

Casino Gaming

casino gamblingCasinos, especially on the Internet, have emerged at an unbelievably fast rate. Today there are more than 2,500 of these to choose from by doing a simple Google search. All of them offer a chance to gamble for real money and play games that we have tried to break down below. When choosing to play casinos for money there are important factors to look up, such as deposit/withdrawal options, game selection and overall support.

Real Money Blackjack – this is a common casino game that is offered at many online casino sites. The game is very easy to play and can be solitude or played with multiple players. Since its introduction in the 60s, the game has grown to become the most popular table casino game and has fans more than roulette, craps and baccarat combined. Winning is as simple as beating the dealer and the payout rate (return to players) is equally high. The low house edge and simplicity are two factors that make it appealing to players.

Real Money Bingo – bingo has been available in the US for a few generations and presents the most legal gambling practice. Many bingo games and platforms are offered by charity organisations and playing the game is quite simple. Today you can play bingo online regardless of your location, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Real Money Slots – casinos offer numerous playing slots that allow gamblers to play for real money. The best online casino sites offer more than 500 different games with several playing slots. From simple 3 reel games to advanced video slots with 3D graphics, real money slots are the talk of any given casino as people flood these sites just to play the games with highest RTP’s.

Real Money Roulette – roulette is among the oldest gambling games and it is named after a French diminutive of “little wheel”. The American roulette game features 38 numbers/colours (red or black)

All games listed above are offered by majority of casinos, especially those that are considered are somewhat popular. The only thing differentiating these are the software provider that is used for supplying games. In 2015, the most popular companies creating gambling games are MicroGaming and Net Entertainment for non-US players while US players enjoy playing at casinos powered by RTG and Rival.

Real Money Blackjack

Sports Betting

sports bettingBetting on sporting activities like horse racing, football, soccer, basketball, car racing and many other games is a common venture amongst online gamblers. Sport betting has grown tremendously over the past few years and is now popular in all countries with many land based betting shops and sites available online. It simply involves making predictions on results and betting on those predictions. If your team wins, you receive a capped amount of profit as determined by the betting odds and scaling method used. Some of the sports betting opportunities available for gamblers include;

Betting Soccer – soccer is without a doubt the most popular sporting activity known to man and is loved by a bigger fan base than any other. Soccer is sometimes referred to as football in countries other than USA and involves using the foot as the main ball controller. Today, almost all countries have soccer leagues played across yearly calendars. Leagues like Barclays Premier league (England), La Liga (Spain), Bundesliga (Germany) and French League One (France) are some of the most popular and followed.

There are also several competitions and championships including, such as the Euro Cup, the World Cup and Champions League. All these games and tournaments provide gamblers with a chance to make predictions and bet on winning teams. Soccer betting is the easiest and most recommended as you can bet all week every week on different tournaments and matches.

Betting American Football – the NFL and especially Superbowl is among the most popular betting events among those looking to place a wager. Over 250 million people watched the Superbowl in 2014 and even though not all of them placed a wager, a few million did.

Betting Baseball – baseball is another renowned sporting activity although it has a young fan base and is more prevalent in developed nations like USA and Australia. Baseball has been evolving and now includes new playing rules to reduce the total time as well as gaming experience. This is not only set to attract new fans but also presents different considerations for betting and winning. Gamblers can find matches within the baseball annual season and predict results.

Betting Basketball – basketball is a beloved sporting activity in USA and leagues like the NBA organize yearly encounters between different teams. These multi-billion dollar competitions involve a series of matches and online gambling sites are keen to offer gamblers a chance to make bets on matches of their choice.

There are many other sporting activities that offer opportunities to bet online and make some real money. Activities like horse racing, cycling, swimming, car racing and handball all have platforms that offer betting opportunities.

Bitcoin Gambling

bitcoin_euroBitCoin has become a very popular online transaction currency and it is used by many businesses ranging from legal enterprises to online gambling sites. There are various ways to engage in BitCoin gambling and one can make amazing profits especially since this crypto-currency has more value than conventional FIAT. You can learn more about gambling with this alternate currency in our dedicated article here.

It also eludes the various bans and legal restrictions that have made it difficult to process gambling payments using conventional banks. BitCoin is more secure, anonymous and easy to transact with online than any other payment option available for gamblers. Lets not forget about the fee-free transfers, which is fairly important and a big deal, when compared to a 1-2% fee on credit or debit card deposits.


Sports betting and gambling currently accounts for about 9% of the revenue streams going towards entertainment. Even though the online percentage of this has shrunk since implementation of UIGEA, it’s expected that it will grow as gambling is legalized.

It is important to evaluate the site offering these services for their policies, rules, bonuses, payment options, interface and support as all these influence the way you gamble in their sites.

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