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Football Betting

winning-nfl-bettingFootball betting is not as simple as picking a team to win. There are three main betting possibilities. The first is the money line, which is picking a team to win. Handicap is another betting possibility, which takes into consideration strengths and weaknesses of teams, places them at handicaps, and sets the rules of the win.

For example, a game with a handicap of six means that the team must win by six or more, or the best is lost. Total points is the last betting possibility. In this case, there is a set number of points that are offered, and the better, also known as a punter, decides whether the game points will be over or under this set amount.

Is It Safe?

Betting on American football can be done safely, if you use a bookie or a betting service. It is important to find a reputable booking agency to handle your football betting. It is also important that you know your betting budget. Understanding the betting strategies can help you win more often, and good booking agencies will help you understand the different strategies that they offer.

What Can You Bet On?


There are several different options if you are looking to bet on NFL games. You can bet on individual games, you can bet on regional championships, or even bet on player props, such as which player will have the most passing yards. The National Football League runs four preseason weeks and sixteen weeks, divided between four regions or conferences. The Superbowl is the most watched NFL game of the season.


When betting on the Superbowl, it is important to know the spreads. The same strategies apply to the Superbowl as other NFL games, but has higher odds, and can come at a bigger payout or loss due to the increased interest of punters.

NCAA College Football

The National Collegiate Athletic Association runs a twelve week regular season, and also has thirty-two different Bowl games, including the Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl. As with the NFL, the teams are divided into conferences. Unlike the NFL, however, each state may have more than one team, meaning that there is a greater variety of bets to be made.

Best Betting Sites


BovadaFor bettors in the United States, Bovada is among the top online booking agencies. Bovada offers beginners guides for many different types of betting strategies. They offer information on wager types, odds, and lines. Bettors, who are just getting into the play, can research different wagers and strategies here. Bovada also offers an overview for how to use their sportbook to place bets and collect earnings, but even go one step further and explain how to calculate your payouts per winning bet.

Explaining how lines are organized is another useful tip that Bovada offers clients. Bovada also offers in-depth research into each individual game, such as injuries and outs. Using the match-up tool, bettors can see head-to-head player comparisons, division standing, five-game history for the teams playing, and even a weather forecast for the location of the game.

The betslip Bovada uses is one of the easiest to use, and allows you to place multiple bets at once. There is a tab option at the top of the screen that allows you to choose which wager type you are looking to place, and when you enter your risk amount, the bet slip will automatically calculate your potential winnings, and give a running total of your wager risks.

Bovada has a very high consistency with their payouts. Payouts are quick, and most withdrawal methods are free, although some methods do require a small percentage of the payment amount.


Bet365For bettors who live outside the United States, Bet365 is a great online booking agency. There are many sports worldwide that Bet365 allows wagers on. This site trades in many different currencies, and has a wide variety of payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals. Most customers receive their payout earnings between thirty minutes and three hours.

Betting on American football can be easy if you know where to book and how to bet. Bovada or Bet365 can get you started quickly and easily.

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