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Basketball Betting

sportsbet31In basketball betting, it is all about utilizing a spread of points in the entire practice. This point-spread was originally introduced in order to offer a balance for the participating teams. This helps to lure the bettors to support the smaller or weaker team, which in turn earns them more points.

The two teams are generally listed with a particular title, either an underdog or a favorite. The stronger team is the favorite, while the weaker one is the underdog. When the bettor is backing the favorite team, they will lose some points, which means they must gain more points than the ones allocated, in order to win that bet. In case the bettor gains less points than the ones specified, they will lose the bet, regardless of the favorite team winning the game. Technically, the weaker team has the most points, in terms of betting.

There is also the money-line, which is the major wagering form. This means that there is no point-spread. Suppose you are not interested with the points, then you can rely on the money-line. With the money-line, the odds will be changed in accordance to the underdog and the favorite.

Suppose you wish to back the underdog and they needed to win the game, you will have to place a wager of $250 in order to win $100. Nevertheless, if you believe that the underdog will beat the favorite, you can place a $100 wager in order to win $180.

Is It Safe?

Basically, the basketball betting is quite safe and you will not have to worry about losing your money due to the bookmaker being dishonest. It is also legal to bet on the basketball events in most countries. Nonetheless, you must ensure that you choose a licensed site, in order to avoid fraud. There is also a special technology that encrypts the bettors sensitive information, which makes it safe enough to deal with real money betting.

What Can You Bet On?

You can place your bets on various basketball events, especially the major tournaments. Some of the common tournaments that you can place your bets on include the following;


This is the biggest and relatively the most popular basketball tournament in America and the whole world. The betting is not exactly about the game, but some of the surrounding aspects like the NBA Dunk Contest, the Rookie Game, the NBA All Star game and the 3 Point Contest. With the NBA betting, it is more than just the game that is going on, rather, there are more details that you can bet on.

College Basketball

This one also allows you to place your bets on the game, along with other related aspects. The tournament is all about 30 regular games in a season, so you will place your bets in every game. You can bet in advance, or there is a special feature that allows you to bet as the game is taking place. You may bet on the team that will win the game and many other factors.

Euro League

This is generally the highest level tournament of professional basketball in Europe. It combines all the top pro teams in Europe, who meet to determine the champion. With this, you can bet on the team that will emerge the European champion and you can also bet per game. It also entails such betting like the 3 point challenge and such. There is more to bet on.

FIBA Eurocup

This is the Female basketball tournament that features all the top female clubs. You may bet like any other tournament, including the team that will win the tournament. You may also bet on the female “basketballer” of the year, or the best team to win in a game, or the best to have more points.

Best Betting Sites

There are a number of betting sites that you can bet on the basketball events, but some of the most popular include the following;


This is a leading site that is dedicated to the US citizens only. The site provides odds to many things and you can place your bets on the basketball events. The site has a high security feature and it helps you to enjoy, with a quick response.


This one is among the top sites that is available for the non-US citizens and it has an amazing platform. It has been in operation for a while and it offers top security to the users. It has an amazing support staff and you will bet on any sport, including the basketball tournaments.

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