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Guide To Sports Betting

sports-betting-money-managementSports betting has been around for almost as long has different sports have existed. However, most of the betting done in the earlier days was informal or illegal in some parts of the world. As the various sports continued to develop so did people’s interest in them which directly led to increased betting.

Online sports’ betting is now the number one place for sports lovers to wager on their team. This sports betting guide will help you understand the different aspects of online sports betting.

How does sports betting work?

Placing a bet may look very simple but it is not always so especially for those with a little know-how on betting. Most people assume that betting only involves placing a wager on a particular result. This may be true according to the definition of betting, but there is much more to sports betting than this.

So how does sports’ betting actually work? To understand how sports’ betting works, one has first to understand some of the most important terms used. Some of the basic terms include odds, bookies or Sportsbook, and points spread. Odds are the likelihood of a particular results occurring or not occurring in a game. The bookie is the entity that takes bet while the points spread is a handicap placed on one team to make the playing field level.

In sports betting there are number of probable outcomes in a match with each result given particular odds. When betting you select the outcome you think is the most likely and you wager on it. If your prediction is correct, your winning will be the amount you placed multiplied by the odds of your prediction.

Is it safe?

Just like all the other forms of betting, sports’ betting is regulated by the authorities meaning that it operates under certain laws and regulations. It is these laws that make it safe for people to participate in online sports betting.

However, the safety of online betting will be determined by the site that you choose to place your bets. As much as there are many trustworthy sites there is still a number of frauds who only want to steal from you. Provided that you select a trusted site to place your bets then online sports betting is perfectly safe.

What sports can you bet on?

Nowadays you can almost bet on any sports of that you like, but there are a few sports that have established themselves as most people’s favorite sports for betting. These sports include the following:

Football (American Football)

Football is the most popular sport in the USA and with such popularity comes the opportunity to wager on your favorite team. With the fantastic drama that is characteristic of American football betting is even more exciting. Besides from betting on the outcome of the game you can also bet on the incidences that take place during the game.


Soccer may not be as popular as American football in the USA, but it is very popular in other parts of the world especially in Europe. What makes soccer an exciting sport to bet on is that there is always a game to bet on at any time or day.


Only football ranks better than baseball in the USA in terms of popularity. However, despite this popularity many people do not wager on baseball as they think betting on baseball games is complicated. It is just a misconception and in fact it is even much easier to win in baseball bets.


The NBA is one of the richest leagues not just in the USA but the entire world. It is also quite popular and a good sport to bet on. Betting is very easy as it is almost similar to betting on football. Betting in basketball uses point spread, and so it will be pretty easy to figure it out.

Best Betting Sites

The most important thing that you should consider if you want to succeed in betting is the betting site you choose. The best betting site to use when in the USA is Bovada but if you are a player from other parts of the world then Bet365 is the right choice for you.


BovadaBovada brings together everything that defines a good betting site. This site is very secure, and you will never worry about losing your money. It also gives you a variety of sports to bet on and there is also a betting bonus when you sign up.


Bet365This site allows you to bet on almost all the leagues from different parts of the world. The minimum bet amount is also quite affordable, and it depends on the currency in use. Safety is also not a concern on this site.

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