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Real Money BlackJack

blackjackWhen it comes to playing casino games, apart from the slot machines and the various forms of poker, real money blackjack is one of the most popular games among most players. The primary reason behind this popularity of blackjack is its potential to offer big wins consistently. It’s one of those games in which you know that you are going to earn big money if you have a good strategy and a decent amount of luck by your side.

There are several strategies in blackjack that when applied properly have the potential to turn the odds of winning substantially in the favour of a player. Therefore, whether you walk into or log onto a casino, playing blackjack is one of the safest options to win real money. In short, blackjack is a game that not only provides you hours and hours of entertainment and excitement, but also offers you a fair chance to win real money.

Best blackjack game types to play

There are variety of game types to choose from in blackjack. All of them have a different set of rules and the odds of winning change accordingly. However, if you consider the odds and study the rules properly, you will realise that any type of blackjack is still the best game to play in a casino.

One common variation you will notice in blackjack is the number of card decks used while playing. Some blackjack games are played with one deck of cards while others are played with 2, 4 or more deck of cards. Although single deck blackjack was once the standard blackjack game, casinos started opting for multi-deck games to counter the strategy of card counting. Therefore, not only it’s difficult to count cards in a multi hand blackjack, but the house edge is also slightly higher in such games.

However, don’t get fooled into believing that playing single deck blackjack will give you better odds than multi hand blackjack. On the contrary, you will find that most casinos offer a 6:5 payout for blackjack when playing a single deck game, as opposed to 3:2 for playing multi-deck blackjack. Therefore, the higher payout you get for a multi hand game compensates for the slight decrease in the house edge you will have in a single deck game.

Also, many casinos impose several rule variations in single deck games to increase their house edge. Although card counting is difficult in a multi hand game as compared to a single deck game, you can still count cards when using multiple decks. Therefore, it’s always wiser to play multi hand games of up to five boxes at once, unless you can find a casino that offers a 3:2 payout for single deck blackjack.

Live Dealer Experience

william-hill-live-dealer-1When it comes to playing blackjack you always have two options, you can either walk into a casino or you can play it at an online casino that offers blackjack game. Although there are plenty of good and bad arguments to support both sides, there is no doubt that the convenience, the simplicity and the affordability offered by online casinos makes it a more appealing option.

To play in a traditional brick and mortar casino you need to spend plenty of money and time just to visit that casino. In addition, you need to book hotels, make prior schedules, and go through several other hassles. However, playing online is as easy as checking your email, as it needs only a few mouse clicks.

Nowadays, with new and improved gaming softwares online casinos offer many more options, which makes the game of blackjack even more exciting. Also, playing real money blackjack online is a relatively cost free option as you have to only worry about the money you will be placing on the bets. Playing blackjack can’t get simpler than this.


Blackjack game offers fair amount of opportunities to beat the dealer, if you use a decent strategy. One of the easiest and highly effective strategy is called the basic strategy. This strategy was created in the early 1950s by the Four Horsemen of Blackjack.

In the basic strategy all your betting decisions are based on a chart. Running down on the left hand side of the chart are the potential starting hands you could have as a player, and across the top is the every single up card a dealer could have. Therefore, the best statistical play based on the chart is the one where each column of a dealer’s up card cross the row of player hands.

Although by using the basic strategy you will not be able to win every round, your wins will come more often and on a consistent basis. This is primarily because this strategy will point you in the direction of the play where you are supposed to get maximum opportunity of making money. This strategy will also allow you to decrease the house’s edge as you will use the plays that offer the best profit making opportunity.

Using basic strategy is completely legal when you are playing blackjack online. Therefore, you can easily use this strategy to create more winning opportunities and to reduce the house’s edge while you are playing online blackjack with real money.

Best Online Casinos

Playing blackjack online allows you to be more focused on your game, which in turn allows you to use your strategy in a better way and improve your win percentage. However, it’s equally important to choose the best online casinos among so many that offer blackjack online.

It’s important that the online casino you choose should have a good track record for paying out. In addition, it should offer prompt and satisfactory customer service, if you encounter any problem while making deposits or withdrawals.

An online casino for the US players that fulfils all the above mentioned criteria is Miami Club. And an online casino that offers similar service standards and financial credibility to players outside the US is Bet365.

Both these online casinos are well-known for their exceptional customer service, for ensuring hassle free deposits and withdrawals, and for providing a fair gaming environment. Therefore, if you want to win big in playing real money blackjack and want to be able to cash out your winnings, then Miami Club and Bet365 are the best online casinos for you.

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